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Better connectivity for today's digital fleet

Connectivity is essential for improved efficiency and profitability. So ship operators looking for the industry’s most capable network turn to Panasonic’s high-performance communications at sea.

End-to-end solutions for business communications, shipboard operations and crew welfare

To compete in a global market, ship operators depend on global satellite connectivity to operate and monitor their increasingly automated vessels over vast seas and oceans. Panasonic understands this mission-critical need, and has developed proven solutions to help you stay one step ahead of fleet management, performance monitoring, route optimization, data transfer and weather forecasting.

Bigger communications challenges require best-in-class capability

Integrating satellites, ground stations and points-of-presence, we’ve built the world’s most capable communications network, bar none. With it, we’re providing connectivity in multiple frequency bands to suit each ship operator’s needs, coverage focused on high-demand coastal areas and routes, and 10 times more capacity through new high-throughput satellites.

That means enterprise-class voice, video and data for all on-site communications, wherever you operate.

98% satellite coverage of the world's most trafficked maritime routes

Built to meet the demands of aviation, customized for ocean-going vessels

Unshakeable reliability – it’s a hallmark of the aviation-grade infrastructure you’ll find in our avionics network. This proprietary network is the foundation of our maritime satellite systems. Through ITC Global, a Panasonic company, we’re connecting transoceanic routes with solutions built on sophisticated engineering, rigorous security and near 100% uptime.

Connectivity is critical to our remote operated vehicles. Panasonic’s proactive approach improves our quality and cost effectiveness.
Jim Parker Vice President, Group Marine Assets, Harkand

The right communications solutions for your vessel

New applications are transforming the digital ship. If you’re implementing advanced monitoring systems and shipboard automation, you need boundless connectivity. So you’ll be glad to know we integrate digital ship technology into each system design, customizing solutions by vessel type, cargo and operational needs to maximize both efficiencies and profit. And that can help you run a much tighter ship.

We’ve created Crew LIVE for remote sites, a secure best-in-class programming platform for live TV, Internet, video and e-learning. It’s a vital connection to the outside world for crews at sea.

The VSAT game changer

As the world's largest buyer of the commercial space segment, we’re revolutionizing today’s VSAT market with game-changing pricing and service delivery to maritime vessels at sea. Our fully engineered VSAT solutions help you improve overall business efficiencies with:

  • Industry-leading full duplex data rates
  • A variety of antenna configurations
  • Global roaming service
  • Custom IP routing and optimization
  • Installation, site configuration, maintenance and 24/7 customer care

For a transportation industry that moves nonstop across the world’s seas, we never stop developing solutions to move you forward more efficiently.