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Customs brokerage and coordination

Informed. Experienced. Secure.

Our logistics team has decades of experience providing smooth, expedited and secure movements for your import and export operations. Specialized teams are developed and designed specifically for your operation, working alongside our strong service partners – including sea, air and ground carriers, as well as our Mexican Customs Brokerage partners – to ensure that your cargo arrives just in time and without hassle.

We leverage decades of experience, offering support with Mexico and USA government agencies and ensuring our clients comply with classification, valuation and Free Trade Agreements, as well as Section 301 & Section 232 tariffs.

Never miss a beat

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff offers a diverse array of integrated brokerage services in the USA and Mexico. These services can be tailored to meet your specific needs – and save you time and money.

In the USA, we provide the complete package of US Customs clearance – consumption and hazmat entries, Bonded Warehouse entries, FDA and USDA compliance, e-Manifests and in-bond movements for any U.S. port.

Additional brokerage services for our clients operating in USA include:

  • Manipulations
  • TIB
  • Export Documents (EEI)
  • ISF Preparation 10+2, 5+2
  • Reconciliation and Drawback
  • Protests and penalty mitigation

For our clients operating in Mexico, our team can provide Customs clearance on multiple Mexican ports, IMMEX-maquiladora imports and exports, and both temporary and permanent imports. Additionally, we can provide Mexico Tariff classification and Mexican bonded warehouse clearance.

Our team provides complete 3PL coordination: CY-CY and CY-door services, Port and CFS payment processing, and transportation and coordination. You can rest east knowing an expert team is handling these details.