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Leading-edge in-car audio tech

Technology is redefining the possibilities for your car’s sound system. At Panasonic, we're developing innovative new technologies that reduce distractions and elevate the passenger experience.

We're elevating in-car sound experiences with innovative technologies that reduce unwanted noise, improve communication within the cabin, and enable hands-free control for drivers.

Speech & Communication

Panasonic takes Active Noise Cancellation to an entirely new level with our revolutionary acoustic isolation “sound bubble” technology. It limits driver distraction by attenuating cross-seat noise bleed so the driver’s attention isn’t diverted by a passenger watching a movie in the backseats or a passenger having a phone conversation.

In addition, we’re making it easier for vehicle occupants to communicate with each other with our proprietary point-to-point communications technology. Envision the difficulty a minivan third-row passenger has attempting a conversation with the driver. PTP pinpoints who’s talking by identifying the origin of the sound—and therefore the seating location of the person speaking. Microphones capture passenger speech and a signal processing algorithm strategically amplifies their voice in the intended zone for maximum audibility. Two-way communication becomes less taxing and family road trips more relaxing.

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Lightweight car speakers
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Voice Activation & Command

Whether it’s a hands-free conversation with a friend while driving or telling your liftgate to open with your arms full of camping gear, Panasonic continues to lead the way in voice and speech technologies that make life easier and safer for our OEM partners’ customers.

Our industry-leading echo cancellation technology leverages patented signal-processing algorithms that isolate and remove unwanted feedback. As a result, incoming callers aren’t subjected to tedious reverb from their own voice, making conversation more productive and pleasurable. Panasonic is especially proficient in this field, meeting or exceeding ITU-T P.1100/P.1110 standards for echo cancellation in automotive hands-free terminals.

We’re also bringing the power of voice commands to the vehicle exterior. Our Speech Power Open/Close (SPOC) solution allows drivers to open vehicle liftgates, trunks or doors by voice command—an especially convenient option when the key fob is buried in a handbag or your arms are full of groceries. Panasonic engineers were able to overcome the unique roadblocks that hinder outdoor command audibility such as isolating and overcoming competing ambient noise from wind, adjacent cars and the typical urban environment.

On the inside of the cabin, we’re making it easier than ever to access entire suites of voice commands with multi-voice assistant technologies that integrate with Siri, Alexa, Hey Google and other customized OEM solutions. Our voice processing algorithms are able to differentiate triggering “magic words” from casual conversations which include those same words.

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Acoustic Control Technology for Sound Management

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Leveraging best-in-class technology, our Active Noise Cancellation solutions attenuate vehicle noise across the widest possible audio frequency spectrum or conversely simulate and amplify it in a way that strengthens brand connections.