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Intuitive infotainment tech

A market leader in IVI technologies, we're working with OEMs to develop customized IVI solutions.

From sophisticated touchscreens to cloud-navigation systems to hands-free communication systems, Panasonic is a pioneer and market leader in IVI technologies for automobiles as connected devices. We’re redefining the landscape, migrating from domain controllers to our own high-performance computers (HPC) that can power up to fifteen screens simultaneously – an approach that simplifies the software controlling the vehicle, offers reduced wiring harness sizes and cuts production costs. Utilizing decades of design and engineering expertise, we’re able to offer customized IVI solutions for established OEMs and startups alike.

Panasonic technology powers workhorse IVI systems, allowing global automaker brands to put music, points of interest and vehicle settings at the drivers’ fingertips. Intuitive controls mean less time looking at the interface and more time focused on the road ahead. Combining easy-to-use interfaces with a large, Panasonic-designed screen, our IVI solutions maximize simplicity with large, iconic touch keys grouped by modality and easily learned without special training. These solutions add hands-free functionality to drivers’ mobile devices with fast, easy pairing that automatically downloads contacts while enabling voice commands that control phone, radio and content-streaming functions.

Our team is especially adept at creating customized IVI solutions based on the unique design parameters of our partners. for example, when our OEM partner patented technology that enabled switchgear to be positioned on both the front and rear of the steering wheel, Panasonic developed compatible architecture to enable voice command activation, volume adjustment and mode switching.

SkipGen 2 hardware component

Choice and Flexibility with SkipGen IVI

Recently, Panasonic announced plans to update its SkipGen in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, demonstrating an industry-first automotive integration that provides customers simultaneous access to Siri while using Apple CarPlay or Alexa by simply speaking either “Hey Siri” or “Alexa,” respectively. This joint collaboration with Amazon demonstrates our commitment to providing customers choice and flexibility to interact with multiple voice services on one device.